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A Prescription For Prevention: COVID-19

Chinese Herbs have been used in treating febrile diseases and viruses for ages. There has been a global sharing of Chinese Medicine solutions to COVID-19 (coronavirus). Renowned doctors on the ground in Wuhan and other countries are sharing their experiences of what they are finding to work.

A formula has been suggested for fumigation and steaming therapy.

Cooking herbs in a pot on the stove to slowly vaporize in your home or to add as the liquid in your humidifier is a great way to sterilize the air and more importantly keep your body and LUNGS healthy and ready!

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Ai Ye, Folium Artemisiae Argyi: This herb warms the body and dispels phlegm, stops cough and relieves wheezing. It is an antitussive and an expectorant. It also dispels cold and dampness.

Shi Chang Pu, Rhizoma Acori: This herb is one of the most potent substance used in opening the orifices (such as your nose and mouth opening to your respiratory tract). It treats phlegm obstruction. It transforms phlegm and also benefits the throat.

Bai Zhu, Rhizoma Atractylodes: This herb dries damp and strengthens the bodies ability to break down the congealed fluids.

Jin Yin Hua, Flos Lonicerae: This herb clears heat if fever is present and is effective in boosting the immune system and stopping illness from taking hold.

Together these herbs will keep your immune system strong, your body warm and lungs phlegm free.

The COVID-19 is categorized as a "COLD DAMP" disease. It does more damage to those who are cold natured, or tend to be cold and those who often have a lot of phlegm.

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This is awesome information! Thanks Liz!

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