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5 Ways To Know If and When You Ovulate: Don't Trust Your Period App!

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

I can't tell you how many times I have had women come in and not truly know when they are ovulating. They just follow what their period tracker app says. Did you know that MOST women actually don't ovulate on day 14? Research shows that 70% of women don't even fall within the 10-17 day window!

How Do You Know When You ARE Ovulating?

Everyone is different. Ovulation is an event, a hormonal process and it can be hard to catch with a LH test strip alone. Here are a few tips to help figure it out on your own:

Ovulations tests (LH Strips): Like I said before, these are great but you really could miss it. Its best to buy these in bulk. You don't need the fancy wasteful plastic holders. Use these for extended amounts of days to try to catch that positive. Rem

ember, the test line needs to be just as dark as the control line to be considered a positive. If you see a faded line, you could either be leading up to ovulation or just past it. The problem with these is by the time you get that positive, you only have that day really to try to get pregnant. Your chances of conception are much higher 2-3 days before ovulation.

Cervical Mucus: 1-2 days leading up to ovulation you should see a change in vaginal discharge. Cervical mucus looks like clear, slippery raw egg whites. This mucus acts like a slip and slide for sperm. It provides a favorable environment for sperm to travel from the vagina to the egg. As soon as you see this stretchy thin secretion, it is time to hit the sheets!

Basal Body Temperature: Taking your temperature every single morning at the exact same time before getting out of bed or even taking a sip of water can help you track your hormonal changes. You can buy a basic one for $8 on amazon. This is a great way to see how your hormones are fluctuating. It is so helpful I am currently working on a course for you to help you figure out your hormonal imbalances and what to do about them by using this method and no lab testing. The problem with this method while trying to get pregnant is that by the time you see a temperature surge you actually have already ovulated. It is great for knowing your typical cycle day for future planning.

Mood Changes: If all of a sudden you just can't keep your hands off of your partner you might be ovulating. Thats right, nature leads the way. Our body's rise in estrogen and testosterone get that libido lit! We are programmed to reproduce. You also may have a more energetic and creative boost so might as well ride that wave.

Cramping: As your body gets ready to release that egg, the ovary swells and the follicle ruptures. This can cause some cramping. The pain can be as minor as a slight twinge to pretty severe cramping that can last hours. You will typically find that this cramping will switch sides from cycle to cycle. That is. normal. You may even have a little spotting at this time and this is also normal.

Which Is The Best Method?

That all depends on what works for you. I find combining a few of them together is your best bet. If you don't notice any physical symptoms then do the LH strips and BBT charting. No matter what you choose, keep track of your findings somewhere so you can start to really predict everything ahead of time without all of the detective work. Soon enough you will be very in tune with your body. If you still are having trouble or your period is very irregular you may not be ovulating.

***If you are experiencing erratic periods, painful periods, irregular bleeding, anovulation or any other gynecological issues give us a call at 720-883-1141 or click on the button below to book a consult with Dr. Roper***

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