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Decode Your Menstrual Cycle: A Journey to Hormone Harmony and Fertility! Part 1

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Meet Your Menstruation

Holistic Doctor explaining menstrual Cycle

Hey there, amazing women!

Ever thought about the menstrual cycle's scientific symphony and its starring role in fertility and hormonal harmony. Our bodies spill the beans, but let's face it, school skipped this crucial class.

Back in the school days, discussing "aunt flow" was like entering a secret society, complete with quirky code names for that monthly shindig. It's no surprise we all graduated with a degree in confusion when period problems crashed the party. 🎉 Fear not, fellow scholars of the uterus, let's debunk the mysteries with some laughter and a sprinkle of science! 🤓💃 Join us on this edu-taining expedition into the wondrous world of menstrual mastery. 🚀🔬

To tackle menstrual challenges, we've got to peek into the fascinating world of a healthy cycle.


Countdown starts at Day 1, the grand premiere of your menstrual show.

Duration: Your period should put on a performance lasting 2-7 days, with the whole cycle running between 21-35 days (optimal being 26-30 days). Ovulation, our star act, usually struts in around Day 14.

Short Menses (Less than 3 days):

  • Possible TCM Implication: Insufficient Blood or Kidney Yin deficiency.

  • Associated Symptoms: Light menstrual flow, dizziness, dryness, hot flashes, restlessness, and possible night sweats.

Long Menses (More than 7 days):

  • Possible TCM Implication: Blood Stasis, Spleen Qi Deficiency, or Kidney Yang Deficiency.

  • Associated Symptoms: Heavy menstrual bleeding, clots, fatigue, abdominal bloating or pain, a feeling of coldness, and weakness.

period blood color kanpobliss chinese medicine

Color: It's not all about blood! Your menstrual show is a mix of vaginal secretions, uterine lining tissue, cervical mucus, and yes, blood too. Aim for a cool medium red hue - a fashion statement in the menstrual world. Ranges go from purple to brown to light pink even! This is a great diagnostic clue to the state of affairs.

Texture: Let's keep it fluid! Clots are like uninvited guests - a few raisin-sized ones might slip through, but anything larger might signal an underlying plot twist. Is is watery? Is it phlegmy? Take note because this is all helpful for decoding.

Clots in Menstrual Blood:

  • Possible TCM Implication: Blood Stasis or Cold in the uterus.

Associated Symptoms: Passing dark, clotted blood, severe cramping, dark complexion, irritability, and a purple tongue.

Volume: The quantity of menstrual flow can provide crucial insights into the body's balance of Qi and Blood, offering valuable clues to diagnose and address potential health imbalances.

50ml (Regular Flow): Visualize a standard-sized perfume bottle or a quarter of a teacup. It's an average amount, suitable for everyday use.

25ml (Light Production): Think of half of the perfume bottle or half a coffee shot. It's a smaller amount, like a brief presentation rather than a full-length feature.

80ml (Heavy Production): Picture a large coffee mug or a small juice glass. It's a considerable amount, akin to a significant event or occasion.

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding:

  • Possible TCM Implication: Spleen Qi Deficiency, Liver Qi Stagnation, or Blood Heat.

  • Associated Symptoms: Excessive and prolonged bleeding, feeling of fullness in the chest and abdomen, irritability, and red tongue with a yellow coat.

Scanty Menstrual Flow:

  • Possible TCM Implication: Blood Deficiency or Kidney Yin Deficiency.

  • Associated Symptoms: Light menstrual flow, dizziness, blurred vision, dry skin, and a pale tongue.

As we wrap up our enlightening journey through "Meet Your Menstruation," anticipate Part 2 with eager excitement! In the forthcoming segment, we'll unravel the wonders of the follicular phase, the opening act of the menstrual symphony.

Understanding the menstrual cycle in its entirety is essential for every woman. It not only demystifies what's often considered a secretive or perplexing topic but also arms us with vital knowledge about our bodies. This knowledge allows us to detect irregularities, potential health issues, and better manage our overall well-being.

The follicular phase holds a key role in this narrative, shaping the rest of the menstrual cycle. By delving deeper into this phase, we empower ourselves with a profound understanding of our reproductive health. So, stay tuned as we embark on this educational adventure, aiming to empower you with insights into your menstrual cycle. 🌼🔍

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