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Our Herb Partners

At Spring Wind "we seek out the best quality of herbs available at any given time and spend considerable resources assuring that each herb is what we say it is. Spring Wind has the most rigorous pesticide testing program in the industry†. We accept only a ND (none detected) result on our pesticide tests. Our sulfur-free herbs (Premium, Organic, Grown without Pesticides and Low-level Pesticide Residue grades) are tested either by in-house vapor testing (limit of 1.0 ppm) or by lab titration for sulfites (ND only). We also test aflatoxin-susceptible herbs such as seeds and grains (and herbs such as Yan Hu Suo) for aflatoxins."

From “Seed to Shelf,” Evergreen ensures purity, safety, and potency in our herbal extracts by following standards and guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) of the United States, Japan and Taiwan.

Efforts put forth by their team of experts in chemistry, microbiology, and Chinese medicine result in a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which guarantees that practitioners receive the highest quality products and herbs that are safe and effective.

”nuherbs Co. commits itself to the highest standards of quality and safety and to promoting the unparalleled benefits of Chinese Medicine through education and giving to the community. Our aim is to advance the practice and acceptance of Chinese Medicine in the United States by offering high quality Chinese herbs, herbal formulas and acupuncture supplies.

By thinking as healers first and business people second, we have maintained the trust of our clients for over three decades. We know that every decision we make affects the health, safety, and trust of our practitioners and their patients.”


At Botanical Biohacking "the herbs are sustainably harvested at specific times of the year. This lets us get the best quality based on seasonal variations in phytochemical constituents.  Growing conditions must meet strict criteria. Sustainably wildcrafting and using pesticide free herb cultivation helps protect our ecosystem. Our team of professors, researchers, and manufacturing experts are already among the most qualified in the herbal pharmaceutical industry. Now our expert panel has the freedom to nerd out, obsess over minutia, and make the ten thousand micro improvements that make botanical biohacking products so outstanding."

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