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Functional Nutritional Therapy

In Eastern medicine, we treat the Whole.  What we put in our body is the primary way we nourish it physically.  We derive our energy and nutrients from our food and if the food we are choosing is not nutritionally valuable, or it is difficult for our body to break down and digest, we are not doing ourselves any favors.


Each person has different dietary needs and we work hard to uncover what those needs are.

If a certain supplement is needed we will advise. If you have systemic inflammation we may put you on a diet to discover what foods you are reacting to.  It is all very specific to the person.


At The Medicine Tree we want to work with you as a team in educating you on what food choices are going to help us BOTH reach your health goals.  Diet and nutrition play an extremely important role in health and at all levels of your being.

Keri Schroeder MNT, nutritional therapy
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